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What are your prices?

The price is depending on the product’s specification and packaging preference. If you are interested in our product and would like to receive a quote, please talk to our sales expert today for more information!

How do you prove your product is compostable?

Our products are certified by different authorized agencies around the world to ensure all of the products comply with the standard in different regions. For instance, our BPI ASTM D6400 certificate proves the product meets with the America region standard; our TUV home compost, TUV industrial compost, and Seedling prove the product meets with the Europe region standard; our ABA AS5810 certificate proves the product meets with the Australia region standard.

Do you have a minimum order quantity?

Our minimum order quantity to receive the best price is 1000KG. If the quantity exceeds your demand, no worry! Our sales expert would be delighted to listen to your request, and provide you a solution that best assisting your business.


What color option do you have? And how many color could I print on the product?

All the masterbatch and water ink we use to produce your order are certified compostable, and as long as you could provide the pantone color to us, our professional team would be able to offer the product in the color as you preferred! For most of the products, we could print up to 8 colors. To confirm if your product is eligible for that, please feel free to contact us!

What packaging options do you have?

We are able to offer most of the packaging option you could find in the market. Or if you would like to use your creativity to design your own packaging, our packaging team is here ready for you!

What is the average lead-time?

Generally, the standard lead-time for sampling is within 7 days, and the standard lead-time for mass production is within 30 days. Nonetheless, we understand emergency could happens. Therefore, if your order is urgent, please feel free to let us know in advance, and we will make arrangement correspondingly to meet with your schedule.

What is the shelf life, and how should I store the product?

The compostable product’s shelf life is depending on bag specifications, stocking conditions and applications. In a given specification and application, the shelf life would be between 6~10 months. With properly stocked, the shelf life could be extended to more than 12 months.

For proper stocking conditions, please place the product in clean and dry place, far away from sunshine, other heat resources, and keeping away from pest.

Please ensure the packaging is in good condition. After packaging is broken/opened, please use up the bags as soon as possible.

Our compostable products are designed to have proper biodegradation. Please control the stock based on first-in-first-out principle.

How could I have the goods delivered to my address/Amazon Warehouse/Walmart Warehouse., etc.?

We offer pick-up in factory, FOB/CIF to the port, or DDP options to the destination with report to custom service to make your work easier! Talk to us today to find out the best and cost-effective way to receive your order!

What kind of payment methods do you accept?

We accept T/T, Western Union, or payment through Alibaba. For other payment methods, please contact us for more information.

What is the product warranty?

We always put quality as our priority. If issue is identified, and after investigation, it proves it is a defected product that occur during the production, we would re-produce your order with no extra charge on you, or you could use the amount as credit for future order. If you would like to receive more detail, please feel free to contact us.