Save the environment! You could do it, and we could make it!


The plastic pollution has been a serious problem for decay. If you could google it, you would be able to find out tons of article or images to tell how our environment is impacted by the plastic waste. In response to the plastic pollution problem, government in different countries have been trying to enact different policies to reduce the plastic waste, such as impose levy, or regulate on the use of single use plastic bag. Although those polices do improve the situation, but it is still not enough to make a big impact on the environment, as the most efficient way to reduce the plastic waste would be changing our habit on the usage of plastic bag.

Government and NGOs have been advocating the community to make change on the habit of using the plastic bag for long time, with the main message of the 3Rs: Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle. I assume most of people would be familiar with the 3Rs concept?

Reduce is referring to reduce the use of single plastic bag. The paper bag and woven bag are getting more popular recently, and they are a good substitute to replace the use of plastic bag in different occasion. For instance, paper bag is compostable and good for the environment, and woven bag is strong and durable that could be used for long period. However, the woven bag would be a better option, as there are would release during the production of paper bag.


Reuse is referring to reuse the single plastic bag; Simply, after using the single use plastic bag for grocery, you could reuse it as trash bag, or keep it for the next time shopping for the grocery.

Recycle is referring to recycle the used single use plastic bag, and turn it into a new plastic product.

If everyone in the community is willing to take action on the 3Rs, our planet would soon be becoming a better place for the next generation.

Besides the 3Rs, due to the advancement on technology, there is a new product that could also save our planet – Compostable Bag.

The most common compostable bag we could see in the market is made with PBAT+PLA or cornstarch. It is made with plant-based material, and within a proper degradation environment with oxygen, sunlight, and bacteria, it would be decomposed and turn into oxygen and Co2, which is an environmental alternative for the public. Ecopro’s compostable bag is certified by BPI, TUV, and ABAP to guarantee its composability. Moreover, our product has passed the worm test, which is eco-friendly for your soil and safe to consume for your worm in your backyard! No harmful chemical would be released, and it could turn into fertilizer to provide more nutrient to your private garden. Compostable bag is a good alternative carrier to replace the traditional plastic bag, and it is expected that more people would make their switch into compostable bag in the future. 


There are different ways to improve our living environment, 3Rs, compostable bag, etc. and if we could work together, we would turn the planet into a better place to live with.

Disclaimer: all data and information obtained via Ecopro Manufacturing Co., Ltd including but not limited to material suitability, material properties, performances, characteristics and cost are given for information purpose only. It should not be considered as binding specifications. The determination of the suitability of this information for any particular use is solely the responsibility of the user. Before working with any material, users should contact material suppliers, government agency, or certification agency in order to receive specific, complete and detailed information about the material they are considering. Part of the data and information are genericized based on commercial literature provided by polymer suppliers and other parts are coming from assessments of our experts.


Post time: Aug-10-2022