Fully biodegradable garbage bags are the best choice.

Why choose Compostable bags?


Approximately 41% of the waste in our households is a permanent damage to our nature, with plastic being the most significant contributor. The average amount of time for a plastic product takes to degrade within a landfill is about 470 years; meaning that even an object used for a couple days ends up lingering in landfills for centuries!


Fortunately, the compostable bags offer an alternative to traditional plastic packaging. By using compostable materials, which are capable of decomposing in just 90 days. It greatly reduce the amount of household waste made up of plastic materials. Also, the compostable bags offer individuals the epiphany to begin composting at home, which further strengthens the pursuit of sustainable development on Earth. Although it may come with a slightly higher cost than regular bags, it's worth it in the long run. 


We should all be more conscious of our environmental footprint, and join us on the compost journey starting today!

Post time: Mar-16-2023