Classic Zipping Design Bag for Household & Commercial Use

Classic Zipping Design Bag for Household & Commercial Use

Your Freshness Keeper

Ecopro’s Compostable Ziplock Bag functions well as traditional ziplock bag. It is in a zipper design that you could easily seal your snacks, fruit, or sandwiches. If you are looking for a ziplock bag to carry your food to school, office, or hiking, why don’t you give a try with our compostable ziplock bag?

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Product Details

Product Name: Classic Zipping Design Bag for Household & Commercial Use





Bag Color:

All Color Are Available

Printing Color:



Retail Box,Shelf Ready Case,Compostable Bag Packaging are Available,Carton


Traditional Ziplock Bag Design

Made with Home/Industrial Compostable Resin

Meets with BPI ASTM-D6400/TUV/ABAP AS5810 Degradation Standard

Food Contact Safe Option Available

Strong – Pass the Puncture Test, Not Easy to Break & Leaking Proof

Roll with Perforated Design for Easy Tearing

BPA Free

Gluten Free

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Flat Packing Bag on Roll8
Flat Packing Bag on Roll5
Flat Packing Bag on Roll6
Flat Packing Bag on Roll4
Flat Packing Bag on Roll3

Storage Condition

1. Ecopro compostable product’s shelf life is depending on bag specifications, stocking conditions and applications. In a given specification and application, the shelf life would be between 6~10 months. With properly stocked, the shelf life could be extended to more than 12 months. 

2. For proper stocking conditions, please place the product in clean and dry place, far away from sunshine, other heat resources, and keeping away from pest. 

3. Please ensure the packaging is in good condition. After packaging is broken/opened, please use up the bags as soon as possible. 

4. Ecopro’s compostable products are designed to have proper biodegradation. Please control the stock based on first-in-first-out principle.


Q: How about the shipping fees?

The cost of delivery depends on the method of delivery you choose. Express is usually the fastest, but also the most expensive way. Sea freight is the best solution for large amounts. We can only give you exact freight rates if we know the details of quantity, weight and method.

Q: What is your complaint hotline and email address?

If you have any complaints, please send your questions to We will contact you within 24 hours, thank you very much for your tolerance 

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