Classic Flat-Opening No Gusset Packing/Produce Bag on Roll

Classic Flat-Opening No Gusset Packing/Produce Bag on Roll

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Ecopro continually improving the product design to provide a better user-experience to you! If you are looking for a compostable trash bag that could tie up after using it, why not consider our S-Cut Starseal Trash bag on Roll? Besides of the starseal design to improve the weighting capacity and leak-proofing performance, we molding the bag handling in S shape that allowing user to tie up the bag after using it, to prevent the waste fall off when you are on the walk to the compost bin/outdoor trash bin. Give a try and you will love it!

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Product Name:Home Compost Pet Waste Bag





Bag Color:

All Color Are Available

Printing Color:



Retail Box,
Shelf Ready Case,


Traditional Flat-Opening Design

Made with Home/Industrial Compostable Resin

Meets with BPI ASTM-D6400/TUV/ABAP AS5810 Degradation Standard

Food Contact Safe Option Available.

Strong – Pass the Puncture Test, Not Easy to Break & Leaking Proof

Roll with Perforated Design for Easy Tearing


Gluten Fee

bio compostable fruit&vegeable packing bags
compostable fruit bags
compostable fruit bag
compostable fruit packing
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compostable food contack packing bags

Storage Condition

1. The shelf life of Ecopro compostable product depends on bag specifications, storage conditions and applications. With a given specification and application, the shelf life is 6 to 10 months. With sufficient stocks, the shelf life can be extended to over 12 months.

2. To ensure proper storage conditions, please store the product in a clean and dry place, away from direct sunlight, other heat sources, and away from high pressure and pests. 

3. Make sure the packing is in good condition. If the packaging is damaged/opened, use the bags as soon as possible.

4. Ecopro's compostable products are designed to have proper biodegradation. Please check stock levels on a first come, first served basis.

Fully Automatic Process Line

The most reliable supplier provide Biodegradable material, make sure the process ine with prand -new material.
Fully automatic process line(blown flim-printing-bag making rolling-packing.
Over the past 20 years, Ecopro has accumulated a lot of rich experiences in producing biodegradable plastic bags, and helped customers all over the world to solve product-side problems.

One of the substitutes for rapidly degradable plastics is starch degradable resin, which is mainly composed of raw and auxiliary materials such as plant starch, degradable resin and other related coupling agents and auxiliaries. Starch mainly comes from the extraction of crops such as corn and potatoes.  Its production process is extrusion water granulation, water circulation cooling, vertical film blowing to produce biodegradable film. Various packaging products can be designed according to needs. The product has high transparency, good heat resistance, high mechanical strength, strong bearing capacity and non-toxic. It can be completely degraded into carbon dioxide and water within 180 days after being buried in the soil.

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